No Good Can Come of This

Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie


Um. Is... that a SA photoshop, or is that real?

Double true.

Jason Lee is playing David Seville.

wow...that is one impressively waxed eyebrow.

Does that mean Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are becoming Scientologists?

"Updating" a classic with hip-hop is SO last century.

Simon is supposed to be a brainiac not a pseudo-hip skater chipmunk. And Theodore looks stoned. WTF man.

it's upsetting how none of the 'munks are showing their eyes.

now THAT would be an update I'd go see. chip-monks. dave runs a wacky monastery and theodore is always snacking on the communion wafers.


my childhood!

Oh no! He shaved the stache!

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