Apparently I'm the Only One Who Remembers this Song


Following a game of Taboo in which the clue "Megadeth's Blank of Destruction" proved unsuccessful at eliciting the word "symphony" from my teammates, I asked around a bit and found that no one seems to know about this song but me. This is upsetting. Dave Mustane is one of heavy metal's great (perhaps only) redheads, and that he and his work should be so resoundingly forgotten is discouraging. Also, maybe Megadeth wasn't the best metal band of the 80s, but at least they had the dignity to fade away before they got all old and crappy like Metallica.

In any case, educate yourself:


They have a new Album as of May...

This is probably not the kind of request you're used to fielding, but is there an option in movable type somewhere where you can show the full text of posts in your RSS feeds as opposed to just a snippet? Michele and Kristen get it right.

It just makes it easier for me to read you from my cell phone.

Actually, my co-clerk complains about that all the time. I'll see what I can do.

Ya, they haven't faded away. I've been playing tracks off of United Abominations on my radio show for the last couple months (which came out in May).

Danny, just use the atom feed instead of the index.rdf

Well, I guess I shouldn't make statements about the current state of music, given the fact that I've essentially given up on music. But 80s Megadeth was cool.

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