Unmitigated Jerkery

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It was bad enough when they made donut ice cream on The Apprentice, and I knew I couldn't have any because it was made on the fly by a bunch of game show contestants to win a particular competition. But when a major ice cream manufacturer decides to make an ice cream consisting of "a combination of chocolate and cream stout with chunks of glazed chocolate donuts" -- that's right, beer and donut ice cream -- but then decides to make it available for one day only in one town only, no amount of targeted italicizing can express my rage. Story here.

I hate The Simpsons Movie and now I hate Ben & Jerry's.

Hat tip: JMV

1 Comment

Next time you're in town, give me some warning. I'll see what I can do.

I've had the ben and jerry's stout ice cream. it would be awfully good with some cakey chunks

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