Here's a video of Ruby, performing a trick that I'm teaching her. We're still working out the kinks.



"You can love your pets...just don't LOVE your pets."


you be careful, that's one step away from waking up dead, with your cats licking your face off.

you are odd

Leaving aside the WHY...

HOW did you train your cat to do this? You can't post something like this without giving up the secret. Think of all the other cats (say, mine) who aren't learning valuable job skills like... I don't know... whatever you could train a cat to do if you knew how, maybe fetching the TV remote. How'd you do it?

Ruby is smart enough to be trained but too stubborn to learn anything useful. I'd imagine most cats are the same way.

I stumbled onto your blog via Reese Witherspoon. While I disagree with you about Ms. Witherspoon, many of your blog entries are highly entertaining.

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