Here Comes the Snickerman


Among the many foods I've never been able to eat because of my peanut allergy, Snickers has always seemed like a major gap. Ever since I was a child and Snickers was designated as the official snack of the 1984 Summer Olympics, I've felt that this particular candy bar has occupied a special place among the pantheon of crappy chocolate. Also, I really like crappy chocolate candy bars.

And so, it was with great joy that I recently spotted Snickers bars made with almonds instead of peanuts (Wikipedia says these things have been around for five years, but I've only started seeing them recently). I finally had one last night and another this morning, thanks to Dr. M picking them up for me at the store. And I must say, I was somewhat underwhelmed. It was the nougat, really. Apparently the original Snickers bar has peanut butter nougat, and I expected the surrogate nougat in the almond bar to be along the lines of the chocolate nougat in the traditional Milky Way bar. Unfortunately the nougat tasted like the vanilla crap they use in Milky Way Midnight. This significantly decreases the overall chocolateyness of the candy bar and makes me feel like I'm eating a marshmallow. I'm not sure if people have this same objection to the original Snickers, which of course has peanut butter instead of chocolate, but I'd imagine that peanut butter nougat is more flavorful and satisfying than vanilla.

I suppose it could be worse. They could have gone for a complete almond overhaul and used some sort of marzipan nougat, if such a horrible thing exists.

In any case, I'm glad I finally broke the Snickers barrier, but I probably won't go back for more.

Also, I'm not moving to Seattle.


Boo Nougat! Yay not moving to Seattle!

In reality peanuts in chocolate is way overrated. As is Seattle. I actually really enjoy the almond version over the peanut one. To each his own I guess.

That snickers with almonds is really just the replacement for the discontinued Mars Bar here in the US. Though in fairness it's not identical to the Mars Bar as sold outside the US.

My allergist said even almond Snickers aren't that safe because they're all made in the same factory.

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