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I've taken the recent move as an opportunity to finally clean out the trunk of my car, a chore that has been a long time coming. My car is finally free of law school textbooks, which have now either been thrown away (the stupid paperback study guides) or arranged handsomely on a shelf in my new bedroom. I also found the rope and duct tape implicated in this post from four and a half years ago, the Iliad book on tape that I used to listen to while driving between Los Angeles and San Francisco during my first year of law school, an ocarina from John and Julie's wedding, a Eurail map from my honeymoon, a half-empty bottle of motor oil, a mostly-empty bottle of windshield wiper fluid, and the recorder from my third-grade music class. I'm pretty sure this last item is officially my oldest material possession, or at least the thing that I've owned for the longest time.

And finally, I came across a pocket notepad from my junior year of college, this time frame having been determined based on the fact that most of the notes contained therein pertain to my poorly-executed duties as EIC of the Heuristic Squelch and slightly better-executed duties as chair of the SQUELCH! Party. Apparently in this capacity I once went to 7-Eleven and got somebody a Dr. Pepper fountain drink, sized one below Big Gulp, and a king-sized Snickers bar.

In addition to these notes, there are some truly cryptic things which I will likely never understand. For example, at the bottom of a page listing the ballot numbers of the SQUELCH! candidates, I inexplicably wrote "Don't answer phone on Tuesday" and underlined it three times. I don't know what that's about. On the very next page, there's this:

Again, I have no idea what this is supposed to be other than a female stick figure spray painting a wall on March 9, 1999. I don't know why I created this.

Finally, there are these two quotations, both on the same page:

"You're too thin. Have you ever seen a fat person with AIDS? Hell no."

"Beware of Greeks! Greeks bearing gifts! But he didn't bring me any pizza."

I'm almost positive that the latter quote is something I heard Preacher Eddie say and immediately wrote down for obvious reasons. The former quote is most likely not a Preacher Eddie quote, though I likely overheard it at some point close in time to when I heard the Preacher Eddie quote.

For the record, I'm pretty sure that getting fat is not an effective means of protection against AIDS.


At the risk of sounding like a v*agra-punting spambot... Nice Blog! Haha, seriously, not quite sure how I stumbled across this here tome of Bay Area legal wisdom (I think it was while googling pics of Reese Witherspoon for some inexplicable reason), but it's made a rainy Monday more tolerable. Big up.

ps- had to change the spelling of the blue pill as your spam filters are obviously quite good...

Holy crap! I remember that recorder!
Why the hell was it in your trunk?

Lets start a blog-meme about what our "oldest material possession, or at least the thing that I've owned for the longest time" is!

Actually, I just read an article last week about how we used to think of sad gaunt people as the face of aids. but now, because america is getting fatter, and the poorer less educated people are the ones shoveling down the un-nutritious fast food and also are the same ones with the risky aids getting behavior.

Well, sort of. I read about the increase in overweight AIDS patients too, but the interpretation I saw suggested that there are several things operating there -- drug regimens ameliorating the wasting effect of the disease and causing the weight profile of AIDS patients to look more like the weight profile of the population as a whole; maybe some deliberate weight-gaining behavior as a response to the image of AIDS as gauntness; the increase in the proportion of AIDS sufferers living in underserved urban communities where fast food is far more readily available than fresh produce; and perhaps the fact that processed junk food is generally cheaper in urban environments than nutritious whole foods and people spending all they've got to stay on their drug regimens have difficulty affording a balanced diet.

That comment about the poor people and their risky aids-getting behavior has me a bit riled.

I can't get past the fact that you were a Junior in college in 1999. I am OLD.

Good to see you posting again. I need something to read when I can't bear law school...

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