Tiddy Bear


My friend just sent me this commercial, which features her dad as the guy in the car:

In addition to the excitement of someone I know being in a commercial, I find this whole thing to be amazing. At first I thought it was a spoof commercial, given the repeated shots of the bear nuzzled face-down in the woman's cleavage in full "BBLBLBLBBLBLBLBLBLLLL" position. But apparently it's legit.

I also love how the only guy in the commercial cites the fact that the Tiddy Bear got his wife to shut up as the product's chief virtue. Getting one for himself was an afterthought.


...why oh why did they name it that?

however, though it pains me to admit it, i really do have seatbelt issues just like they say in that commercial. stupid thing is constantly trying to strangle me. where's my tiddy bear?

For me, long car rides are a problem because of the seats. Maybe I need a Boddom Bear?

In Italy seatbelts are not used nearly as much as they are here so me and my sister wold always weird out my relatives by wearing them. My uncle once tried to wear one as a sign of good faith but literally couldn't get used to it. I don't think a little teddy bear would have made him feel better.

I drove to Santa Cruz and back last night. On the way back, right around Cupertino, I started to think a Tiddy Bear would be pretty nice.

you know who could use an eyesocket tiddy bear? sam baxter.

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