In Riverside, You May No Longer Rock Out with your Cock Out

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Yesterday was a big election day here in California. McCain took almost the entire donut on the Republican side, Hillary Clinton won on the democratic side despite the fact that nobody in California knows how to run an election, and the state continued its horrendous tradition of state-wide ballot initiatives that I voted No on without reading.

But most importantly, the people of the great city of Riverside, California, placed restrictions on roosters. Yep, roosters. That's what gets the voters of Riverside up in the morning.

To give you an idea of what my high school years were like, my friends and I used to go to Riverside to hang out on the weekends, since the place where we actually lived was more boring. I think Riverside may have taken a hit as the teenage hangout of choice once the Ontario Mills mall opened, but that probably reversed itself once people realized that the OM mall was nothing but outlet stores and overpriced multiplexes, accessible via an elaborate freeway system that only air force navigators can understand.

The Inland Empire. Lame as all get-out.

1 Comment

That Measure reduced the amount of roosters a person may possess from 50 to a mere seven.



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