Here Comes Horse


Dr. M, Dr. M's mother, and I are in Denver on a daring house-hunting safari. Because it is impossible for me to do anything with a modicum of simplicity, the three of us each arrived in Denver on different days of the past week. As such, last night Dr. M's mom and I were driving our rented Dodge Nitro (YEEEEAHHHH!!!!) to the Denver International Airport to pick up Dr. M. The Denver International Airport is a terrible place, for many reasons, among them being the fact that the people in charge of the airport thought it would be a good idea to welcome travelers to Denver by presenting them with a massive, terrifying hell-horse:


(No, that isn't a trick of the camera -- the horse's eyes actually glow red.) The hell-horse statue, standing at thirty-two feet and bearing the unassuming title "Mustang," rivals the San Jose Poop Snake on my list of dumbest pieces of civic art.

Anyway, the point of this story is that, as Dr. M's mom and I approached the airport last night, we had this conversation:

Me: Hey, check out the giant horse.

Her: Oh, that's terrifying. It's going to give me nightmares.

Me: Night... mares?

(Yes, I know I'm not the first person to make this joke.)


I've been to the Denver airport but I haven't been outside and haven't seen the horse. Still, I can hate the airport for other reasons. Mostly, it was their hybrid inside/outside disembarking area.

You're never going to find a place to live if you keep horsing around like that.

If I were on the Denver city council, I certainly would have voted "neigh" on funding this project.

just think of it this way.
If you look at the horse from the side view
it resembles the Ferrari's emblem.

PS: That amn snake is was and will be a terrible misused of public fundings. Hence the mayor is on trail.

You could use . . . a shower.

Id like to point out that this evil horse statue actually killed the artist by falling on him in his studio, it severed a major artery in his leg and now he's dead. LONG LIVE THE HELL HORSE!!!

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