Moving to Colorado, BRB


I know everyone is dying to know what I think about the fact that the Supreme Court rejected the death penalty for kiddie rapers, that Justice Scalia thinks the Constitution got words in there we don't even need and that Justice Kennedy is going to kill us all, about the dreadfully uninteresting Kozinski pr0n clusterfuck and about any other legal tidbits I may have missed over the past week since I quit my job and AT&T shut off my Internet ten days earky (this post is being typed on. Blackberry and damn it all if I'm going to go back and poorfread it).
It took me so long to type that that I don't remember what the point of it was and I can't see it anymore so I suppose it will have to remain a mystery. Anyway, here's what I'm here to say: I'm move to Colorado in three days anbd regular blogging will resume at some point soon thereafter. I don't anticipate my relocation having a drastic effect on the content of this blog, but don't be surprised to find me writing more about snow, mountains, granola, dogs, the telecommunications industry, quality public schools, or affordable housing. I'm just letting you know.
Also, if you never hear from me again it probably means I succame to altitude sickness somewhere near the Donner pass and drove my wife, two cats, and unborn child off a cliff. Please don't give up the search, because we'll have my laptop with us and there's all kinds of cool shit on there.
See you on the other side of the Rockies.


Succame! I'm adding that to the list which contains 'embiggen', a word that, I'll have you know, is now featured prominently on the sidebars of both of my blogs. What would I do without you? You improve my vocabulary vastly, and I appreciate it.

Best wishes on your move and your new home.

whoa, wacky. one of my college friends just moved with her boyfriend to denver--he just graduated law school and got a job there. where are you moving in CO? good luck with the cannibalistic pass.

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