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JMV sent me a link to The Orwell Diaries, a site that's posting George Orwell's entries in his diaries exactly seventy years after he wrote them. I consider this to be really cool. At the very least it may save me the trouble of reading Homage to Catalonia, which I was never able to find in college.

The project started this month, and most of the entries so far are pretty short, so you can easily catch up. It's amazing to see the disdain and sarcasm that somehow comes across in his descriptions of the mundane elements of his surroundings. I found the stuff about the snake to be particularly entertaining.


I like these because they're a lot like my own diary:

Newspaper clipping
[Entry about the weather]
Newspaper clipping
[Entry about the weather]

Homage to Catalonia is certainly worth an Amazon Order!

Orwellophile - Someone who is fascinated by the vision of George Orwell’s dystopia.

I must be the odd one out... I was not inspired.

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