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Not surprisingly, I've had numerous people over the past several weeks ask me "How's Denver?" I've answered this question as best I can, but I've found a handy dandy online resource to quickly answer all your "How's Denver?" questions: the video posted here. Having lived in Denver for over five weeks, I can safely describe that video as "shockingly accurate."

Speaking of Denver, you may have heard that the Democratic National Convention started here today. Everyone was expecting the city to be crippled by the influx of 50,000 flaming liberals and their accompanying protesters, and that our fair town would quickly descend into a nightmare of smoke plumes, smoldering rubble, and gay marriage. Well, not so. My commute this morning was manifestly unremarkable and the only thing that's different that I can put my foot on at this point is the large number of tents surrounding the Pepsi Center. Also, the Secret Service is inspecting all cars that come into my building, but I don't drive to work so that doesn't affect me. But I'll keep you posted if any crazy shit goes down.

1 Comment

That was EXCELLENT. I especially enjoyed Prospector Whosits spitting on his own chest and muttering incomprehensibly.

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