Stupid Baby Toys: Bunny Flower Mutant Creature Thing


I'm not sure if I'll actually be able to make a series out of this, but this particular toy seemed worthy of YouTube commentary.


Paisley...just like a real rabbit - made me laugh. I hope you keep these up! That was fun.

I enjoyed this very much. However, I was shocked and dismayed at the pez-head.

The (faint) music in the background. What is it?

Catherine - I must admit that the line was partially inspired by the Riff Trax for X-Men, in which one of the commentators repeatedly describes one of Wolverine's mutant attributes followed by "just like a real wolverine!" e.g., "So he has indestructible, retractable metal claws, just like a real wolverine!"

Marie - It's even more disturbing in person, trust me.

Zack - It's Gogo's Theme from Final Fantasy III (or VII).

I love it. Now when he's old enough, Dr. M can show him these and say "See, honey? This is how life used to be, before Daddy was too tired for irony."

Seriously, it's only a matter of time before lack of sleep makes you forget where one of these came from and you mock a present someone got you and then send them the video.

Only now does it occur to me I should have gotten you guys some kind of present. Also, maybe, when you got married.

I like how the tone of your voice conveys so many things: dry sarcasm, the exhaustion of parenting/lawyering, and the slightly embarrassed, self-conscious impulse to not talk too loud when you are addressing a camera as if it is a person when you are actually alone.

The rabbit's half-smile connotes a smirk -- see also the one raised eyebrow. Clearly this creature is smug -- just like a real rabbit. If you want to teach your child smugness, then this is the toy for you. Still, that doesn't explain why the dots are only on one side of its face.

My son saw me watching this clip and now he wants a toy just like that. Oh my....

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