Stupid Baby Toys: Strikingly Realistic Dragonfly


I had another late night with the boy last night so I decided to do a send-up of another one of his toys:

Watch for a special audio guest appearance. Although the cameo may bring to mind the Japanese torture porn classic Audition, I can assure you that he makes that noise all the time and it's nothing to be concerned about.


I find the background music very appropriate. What is it?

I sent the first episode to a friend yesterday - Big hit! So I sent her today's episode, prefacing it thus: "More Stupid Baby Toys: Analysis of a boil infested marsupial dragonfly with a Hostess Snowball and genius defenses against predators".

I don't know about you, but I could see this being a segment on a cable channel, like one of those Home ones or something. Or National Geographic? Mutual of Omaha presents: Episode II, "Strikingly Realistic Dragonfly", brought to you in part by Gerber. Back in a moment.

It's Gogo's Theme from Final Fantasy III/VI (misidentified as Final Fantasy VII when this question was answered in the previous post).

I'm having to trouble HEARING you. I've really got to crank the volume...

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