Denver got its first snowfall of the season this morning, and my first snowfall ever. Dr. M snapped this picture of a corner of our back yard:

That's a little wooden fairy that someone gave us for our wedding.

I'm pleased to report that I survived my first snowy commute without incident, though I was assured by several of my coworkers that "This ain't nuthin'," so we'll see how the rest of the dark half of the year goes.



Your first snowfall EVER? Where have you been living? Under a rock? California?

I'll have you know that it is 90 in Los Angeles right now.


you have Christmas trees growing in your backyard?! what kind of magical land did you move to? fairies, trees.. only one step away from talking woodland creatures

The Christmas tree showed up this morning along with the snow.

I am so happy for you experiencing your first snow :) I love it and miss it. I'm hoping for some when I go to New York in January. Did you enjoy the crunch-crunch when you walked on it? There's nothing like the look and feel of new fallen snow.

No snow walking yet. I get in my car in my garage and get out of my car at my office garage, so I'm rarely outside.

Go ahead, flaunt your wintery-ness. Why don't you just post a picture of your family roasting chestnuts over an open fire while you're at it???

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