Deathmatch Do-Over


Tomorrow I take the Colorado Bar Exam, a requirement for licensure in the state of Colorado that I really wish constituted a an undue burden on interstate commerce drive solely by protectionist interests. Studying for the test has been much less of a production than those eight terrible weeks in the summer of 2005, mainly because most of the lectures are exactly the same (that's right, nine more hours of Epstein's excruciating Texas drawl and another dose of Chemerinsky's puns and Jerry Mathers-style elocution), so this has been mainly a refresher jive. I have, however, had to learn the law of checks, otherwise known as Commercial Paper, I've been encouraged to learn the hundreds of thousands of needling little factors that Colorado courts consider when setting child support and alimony (excuse me, "maintenance") payments, and my every effort to learn the pointlessly complex and counterintuintive contours of Secured Transactions have proven to be utterly futile. Here's hoping for a Multistate Subject-heavy essay test and a generous curve.

When I took the California exam I had this image in my head:

This time around I'm hoping it will be this:

(The kitten represents me, and the finger represents the various bar exam questions, you see.)

But it'll probably be this:

See you on the other side, chumps.


You'll nail it, I'm sure. Best of luck. That kitteh's ears are weird.

Good luck!

That last little kick at the very end is the best part.

Kick some ass today!

So? How did it go, do you think? Did you kitten its ass UP?

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