Another Bar Bites the Dust, and Happy Early St. Patrick's Day


Well, so much for that. My fate as a licensed Colorado attorney is now in the hands of the Colorado Board of Bar Examiners, blessings and peace be upon them.

Not surprisingly, a two-day bar exam is a lot more palatable than a three-day bar exam, but it would have been nice to have been able to leave after I finished the goddamn afternoon session of the MBE instead of sitting around for forty-five minutes drawing inappropriate cartoons in the test booklet.

For those of you keeping score at home, here were the nine essay topics that showed up on the Tuesday session, and brief commentaries on each:

1. Torts, shockingly.
2. Partnerships, but not domestic partnerships, because Colorado still isn't down with the gay, though I don't think we're this bad anymore.
3. Real Property, a really dumb and esoteric question about a tenant's rights to wet his beak on a condemnation award.
4. Federal Civil Procedure, with extra-pointless coverage of the Seventh Amendment.
5. Criminal Procedure, with unexpected coverage of police lineups.
6. Family Law, with some hot polygamy action.
7. Constitutional Law, covering free speech rights, which I'm surprisingly bad at in the bar exam context.
8. Secured Transactions, which I never understood and no longer have to, and in which I managed to conclude that it was November four months ago.
9. Contracts, starring a fictional Italian character with a borderline derogatory name.

I came home to find that Dr. M, in her infinite awesomeness, had baked pumpkin bread, purchased balloons, and taken this picture:


Dr. M also learned today that the boy is afraid of the sound of balloons being inflated at the party store. Go figure.


Personally, I'm no fan of the balloon-filling sound myself. Best wishes on the test results.

Oh, you kicked ass, I just know you did. I would do well on torts myself if they were spelled with an 'e' and involved dark chocolate ganache.

The picture kicks ass as well.

Aw, his eyebrows are you-colored!

I'd put money on you rocking the CO bar :-)

The chubby cheeks are AWESOME!

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