Conversations with My Wife: More Mores Edition


[While discussing the gender normativity of Colorado suburbs as they relate to the possibility of our son being gay.]

Her: ... I mean, chances are he isn't gay, but if he is gay I don't want him to be plagued by all these social mores.
Me: [Singing.] When... your... neighbors all say that you shouldn't be gay, that's a more.
Her: That's really good.
Me: [Still singing.] When you're swimming and feel a big slippery eel, that's a moray.
Her: Not as good.



It's not so easy to be gay in California either. Or maybe it is in a few hours. Go, court, go!

P.S. And by "in a few hours," I mean "within 90 days." Go, court, g -- oh, no, take your time.

Thank you for making me laugh hysterically for the first time in a while. :D

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I have to figure out how to wipe all this Pepsi off my screen ;)

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