Conversations with My Wife: Star Trek, Menudo, and Obscure Child Actresses


Me: I guess in the new Star Trek movie they avoid canon problems by having the bad guy travel back in time and create a parallel reality.
Her: What?
Me: Eric Bana plays a Romulan who's pissed off because his planet got destroyed or something, so he travels back in time to destroy the Federation. So they don't have to worry about screwing up the original storyline.
Her: I don't understand how that avoids screwing up the storyline.
Me: [Holding up right hand hand.] Okay, here's the original Star Trek storyline. The Romulan travels back in time [indicating travel from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm] and starts a new parallel reality here [holding up left hand so the hands touch at the base of the plams and make a "V"]. You know, your eye muscles are going to get worn out if you keep rolling your eyes like that.
Her: Maybe you can travel back in time to when I was twelve and create a parallel reality where I don't roll my eyes.

Me: My blog is the first non-YouTube result when you Google Suzanne Mikawa.
Her: Who?
Me: The girl from Bill Nye the Science Guy. Remember we saw her at that restaurant and I blogged about it?
Her: What do you do at work?

Me: I made a pretty clever Menudo reference at work today.
Her: This is what our marriage as become?


But what WAS the clever Menudo reference?

I said that the houses in our tragically inorganic and image-conscious community are torn down when they reach ten years old and replaced with new ones.

i thought menudo was tripe soup, and as such, am confused by what that has to do with no houses being older than 10 years.

can you explain the joke, thereby sacrificing its hilarity on the altar of my ignorance?

Menudo was also an 80s Latino boy band (featuring a young Ricky Martin, by the by). The roster evolved because once a bandmember got too old (16, I think), he was booted from the band and replaced with a younger hot Latino boy. To keep the young girls interested, apparently.

Why I know this, I don't know.

HA okay the joke has now become extra funny because you know a boy band and i don't and i'm a GIRL! :D

(actually i know that i'm just really ignorant of pop culture and you just have a really good memory.)

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