Ghostbusters III

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Word on the street is that Ghostbusters III is set to begin filming with the original cast. Here are the taglines that the studio is batting around for the poster:

1. "Everyone's fat! Even Dana!"
2. "Because Venkman's career as a serious actor didn't take off after Lost In Translation like he thought it would."
3. "What giant walking thing will they come up with this time?"
4. "100% CGI!"
5. "Vigo's back... this time with an even stupider plot."
6. "Gozer is also back... For some reason."
7. "Twice as funny as Year One. We promise."
8. "Hopefully you forgot all about the second one."
9. "Guaranteed cameos by Slimer and the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man, because nobody seems to realize that Sta-Puft was just an incarnation of Gozer and not an independent entity."
10. "Bitch all you want, you know you're going to see it."

1 Comment

I heard Coldplay is going to record the theme song.

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