The Opposite of Convenience



Oh yeah!
Whatever happened to the Sacajawhatsit?
There is a Pepsi (ick) machine at my work that has a sticker that says it accepts $1 coins, but of course it doesn't.
Which makes little sense to me.

'for your happiness, we have just cancelled simpsons reruns'
'for your satisfaction, we have just disconnected the part that makes you come, while greatly fortifying the part that gives you that "oh-my-god-i'm-gonna-come feeling"'
'for your peace, we have just bombed your country'
'for your well-being, we have just hired matt as your lawyer'
'for your information, my daddy makes more than your daddy and his daddy's daddy'
'for your economic stability, we have just fired you. you have 5 minutes before we release the dogs.'
'for your health, we haven't fed the dogs all week'

and so on.

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