Four Guys Who Are Cooler Than I Am


I went to my first Hollywood club last night to see Demon Bros. play some music at me. The lead guitarist is Mike from my class, who incidentally is only the second most punk rock person at UCLA Law. The name of the club was A.D., located just barely on the ghetto side of Hollywood (just a few blocks past where they stop lining the streets with big glowing stars), and getting there reinforced my theory that to get anywhere in the Los Angeles area from my apartment I just head down Santa Monica Boulevard for nine miles and turn right.

The band was cool. Much rocking was done. My latent purism forced me to scoff somewhat at their use of backup recordings, but since they're going for kind of a dance-metal sound that necessary involves unnatural noises, I made allowances (the standard response given by Sourdough Gunn, for example, when people complain about Nine Inch Nails' drum machines and backup tapes, is "Do you want to watch him sit there and program a computer on stage?"). Anyway, the highlight of the set was a really cool cover of "Strange Love" which, enjoyable as it was, really shouldn't be their first single if they hit the radio lest they suffer the fate of Orgy, Frente, and Alien Ant Farm.

Other high points of the evening were nearly making Jedi cry by asking him about the earlier version of "James K. Polk" (he didn't know about it), subsequently getting beaten by Jedi at arm wrestling, and learning from Steve that there was never any interesting Presidential hair.


Wow, Matt, you are encroaching upon utter and complete narcissism: You have gone from a weekly to a daily blog. How do you feel? Maybe I should get into this blog thing... online blogging as a new arena in psychotherapy. I could pioneer an entire field of treatment! I could be a Master Psychologist! I could RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Wow, this narcissism thing is catching, isn't it?)

How drunk did you ahve to be to arm-wrestle??
Thats is a site I would like to see!

Re: Blogging.
I'm all for the blog. (And the above mentioned blogg-o-therappy) but what you REALLY need is a web-cam! That would be keen.

Just four? And by the way, there is interesting presidential hair, it just can't be pulled off with the amount of hair currently on your head. See for example the twenty dollar bill. Very cool look, but it requires a little more than you've got going on.

Matt, I am giving you the �lift� and imparting my aphasia induced ramblings on the theme that you are indeed way too �Deck� and cooler than I could ever hope to be. Your propensity towards self deprecation seems tinged with a bit of misanthropy and acrimoniously acerbic wit. Don�t seek any kind of cognitive therapy as it would make you less interesting and unveil a bitter truth that you ARE actually a law student and it is not some horrid dream.
Thanks for coming out to see the Demon Brothers. We appreciate the pump. I am a bit... here it is, laying the smack down on my sequences make me want to mental bitch slap you and throw down with some verbal banter that would cripple your pathetic, feeble, inane, and fetid intellect. As you can guess I am so insecure that insulting other people is the only way I can make myself feel good. The point here is that there is no point and we are all going to die and non of this matter, now go hit the books.

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