Yet Another Thing Starbucks Has Taken From Us


This graphic accompanied an article in The Daily Bruin yesterday about how people don't like taking finals. Okay, now what's interesting about it? What might an overly sensitive freak like me find objectionable? I'll give you a few seconds to figure it out. (Hint: It's not the fact that the artist's name is "Wang.")

Give up? Okay, check out the way they visualize coffee. It used to be that coffee would be symbolized by a coffee mug, with or without steam. But now, instead, we have a paper cup with a plastic lid and the implied logo of a trendy coffee shop. So in addition to rubbing out unique local flavor across the continent, Starbucks has gone ahead erased the Great American Coffee Mug from popular culture.

And Michel Savage gently weeps.


they also took the nipples off the mermaid. and that is the only reason I even patronize coffee shops: nipples.

did you know your webpage can be sung to the tune of "I saw the sign"?

I'm didofoot and what am I talking about.

Fear not, Matt: As your emissary from the evil green empire, I assure you amnesty when we take over the world.

Neglected is the following formula:

[Not knowing anything you need to know for your final] + [no caffeine] + [plenty of sleep] = [still not knowing anything = [even more decreased effectiveness]

I am throughly disgusted that "Starbucks" would take away a common image from American society. Furthermore, isn't it enough that they monopolize the entire coffee business? I'm slowly losing hope for the future generations. I'd like to call for a boycott, Let's hear it for the smaller less commercailized coffee shop...doesn't anyone remember them?

Sincerly Your Friend-in-law,
Betty Rice

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