Dirty, Dirty Revenge


This week's hurriedly drawn smut-fest continues the theme of creative yet impractical revenge plots that I began last week. I'd like to eventually develop the ability to design schemes of retribution that don't necessarily involve billions of dollars or science fiction, but for now it seems that my enemies are safe as long as I don't get hit by a radioactive meteor or anything of that sort.

Also, as I said, this week's strip is hurriedly drawn. Sadly, this isn't reflected in the actual artwork since it's on par with previous efforts on which I spent considerably more time. There are, however, two things I would have changed had I started with pencil instead of pen. First, the picture of Kam's head projecting the naked Ted would have been replaced by a bald version, it being the future and all. Secondly, I would have inserted the word "legal" before "career" in the third panel, to forestall the possible misreading that Kam means to ruin Ted's adult film career by making a movie in which Ted has a small wang.

What do you want from me, people? I've been studying the economic fucking theory of torts all day.


Speaking of wangs, may I say that I was pleasantly surprised by your fortitude in your last column. I read the whole thing and saw not one reference to the fact that the graphic was prepared by a Jonathan Wang.

look harder, my dear.

i was wondering if she was being ironic...

So color me fuschia and paint me violet with shame, I was wrong. Don't get used to it.

Is Cam a stoner?
I think Cam is stoned.
Look at his heavy lids... And his wild plots!

Hmmm But if he WAS a stoner we would probably like the cherry doughnuts.

I need Answers!!

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