Oh, Scalia, Will You Ever Learn?

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Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin "Chunk" Scalia has waddled into the headlines once again*. Apparently he's slated to receive a prestigious award for recognition of his committment to Free Speech, and he's requested a ban on all cameras and recording devices from the venue. While this is being enthusiastically labelled as "irony" by people who don't understand what "irony" means, my theory is that he wishes to avoid televised coverage because he doesn't want the world to see that he is a very, very fat man. The ban on audio recording just veils this concern.

As for Scalia's committment to Free Speech, from what I've read his main concern with respect to Free Speech is protection of the liberal use of sarcasm in precedential law.

1 Comment

I think it would qualify as irony if he turned 98 the day before receiving the award and then died the next day.

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