Fijar� el Carro de Rastus


Allen has demonstrated his magical powers once again by bringing this wonderful image back from his galavantings in Mexico, which doesn't mean anything to you without that you've seen this item from the ingenious yet tragically unread teen issue of the Squelch. Note the controversial spelling of the repeated initial word.

The back of the photo contained further evidence of Allen's unapproachable charm. I realize that it may be inappropriate to post a personal correspondence such as this on the Internet for all to see, but postcards are considered fair game, at least for postal workers. So consider yourselves honorary postmen.

And while I'm filling up Cementhorizon with uninteresting images, I'll take the opportunity to announce that, regardless of how my Spring semester grades come out, I accomplished this on the bus ride home from my last final, and no one can take that glory away from me.


wait... Does that mean that you won or lost? I'm confused...

"Woah" angries my!

High point of Teen Squelch: HERE.

i almost forgot. for the benefit of allen and his selective amnesia, here's the chaparral article that tickled him some years ago. read it again for the first time:

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