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I've seen a lot of gems in the comments sections of Rate My Kitten. Quite a few of them have sent my typin' finger to twitchin', but I always resisted making a post. But now, I feel the need to speak out. Maybe it's the work-related delirium, but this:

"farofa: Yummy!!!!!!Flat cat is delicable!!! New York City loves flat Cat!!!

is a little more than I can take. The comment was made in reference to this contented-looking fellow.

First off, I have no idea what farofa could possibly be trying to say with the word "delicable." I could speculate but I'm sure I'd just end up nullifying my argument with my own spelling errors.

But more importantly, what gives farofa the authority to speak for New York City? Has she been delegated the Official Cat Lover of NYC? Who has vested her with this power, and why? Until I find out, I'm going to start doing that. But I'm going to start speaking on behalf of cities I have no connection to whatsoever. "Boy, this is a great steak. Des Moines loves this steak." "Have you seen X-Men 2? New Brunswick thought it was great." "Lake Forest has a thing or two to say about that shirt you're wearing, Bob."


The Upper Peninsula thinks you are an uppity irishman and should go fight somewhere else.

Man, this post is old. I guess cats were big on the internet even before lolcats took it over.

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