This Baby Doesn't Need a Title


Meli and I were enjoying some satellite television in lovely Redlands last night when we came across this summary for a movie whose title we can't remember. I'm inserting (ding!)s to represent points of interest within the TV Guide channel description.

[Title.] Chuck Norris (ding!). A Texas sheriff (ding!) tries kung fu (ding!) against an ax killer (ding! ding!) who, revived by doctors (ding!), cannot be killed (ding! ding! ding! ding! ding!).

Does anyone know the title? I think we need to rent this motherfucker.


silent (ding!) rage (ding! ding!)

now you guys are having a BABY?

that's right, silent rage. which is weird, since i did a strip a while back called "silenced fury." it had a gun in it.

no, kristen, we're not having a baby, except to the extent that you can use the word "baby" as a substitute for anything, like a movie, or a car, or a baby, or a movie about a car's baby.

...and we'll thank you to keep your filthy ideas to yourself, woman!

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