Collateral Damage


Here's a new strip that covers something I mentioned a while ago, the collateral effects of our new robot governor. I wonder what Arnold's signature looks like. Will it be in crayon? Will he use superfluous umlauts? All the more reason to rocket myself toward graduation. Well, that and the money.

Interview season is thankfully winding to a close, and I have an offer, god damn it, so the pressure is off. Two more interviews left and it'll be a miracle if I'm sober for either of them. Especially considering that one firm doesn't even want me to wear a suit. Can we say Pantsless Interview Wednesday? I think we can, oh, I think we can.

I once met a bartender who told me that he hated bartending, but he'd much rather tend bar for the rest of his life than go out and find another job. They say that when cats chase mice it's not the having, it's the getting. Well, when it comes to employment it's definitely the having for me. I hate job interviews. I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am that I don't have to face Spring OCI. Anyone who has met me just once or twice can attest to the fact that I'm not the warmest bun in the oven when it comes to making first impressions, and convincing dozens of attorneys that I'm the kind of person they'll enjoy spending twelve hours a day with in thirty minutes or less has proven to be quite the challenge. Exacerbating this innate personality flaw is my recently-developed tendency to have asthma attacks after three or four interviews. So as my lungs begin to close my affability decreases even more, and after I sneak an inhaler blast the adrenaline makes me jittery. In short, I'm a recruitment fucking train wreck.

And this train just derailed. I'm off to study.


Hey congrats on your getting an offer... Not that you care much what I think about the whole arnold thing but wouldn't it be cool if oregon got Dolph Lundgren to be dumb-ass in chief and then we won't feel so bad... Maybe Puffy Daddy?

Just wait, Matt... in 2 or 3 years YOU might be on the other side of the desk... the suckage just continues!

Job-interview induced asthma sounds like a nightmare! Have you ever heard of Mini-Thins? They might do you some good...unless they were taken off the market by the FDA.

If you're curious about Schwarzenegger's signature, I can hazard one guess about it: Despite popular misconception, it won't contain the letter "t."

yes, but kam is so dumb that he even missspells words when he talks.

i fixed the strip, but it's too late to save the print versions that went to boalt briefs and the docket. would you believe that i made the same mistake on my very first german test, writing "schwartz" instead of "schwarz"? damn you, spaceballs!

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