Zip Zap Rap


This is definitely worth thirty seconds of your precious time.


There's no way Mrs. McKeithen is human.

If you want to give yourself a headache, think about the sheer depravity and sinfulness of the life you'd have to lead to die and come back as Devastatin' Dave the Turntable Slave.

Tino, by all appearances, is married.


By all appearances, Orleans should be the ones with the album entitled "Let Me Touch Him".

oh TINO!!!

I wonder what John Bult is going to get Julie for her *sixteenth* birthday... sicko.

Devastatin dave??? The turntable slave?? I tink I found my next holloween costume. And Poor Tino, that is so wrong in so many ways. Even if I was gay, it's still so wrong. Those shorts I mean come on.

here's the story behind "julie's 16th birthday": it makes the album cover less funny, but in some ways more funny.

That does make it less funny.

Way way less funny. It's one of those stories that's just needlessly tragic.

Mrs. McKiethen is definitely an alien.

It kind of sounds like a story that would be in an e-mail forward from my grandmother.

Devastating Dave is far too cool for all of you guys. His music is not only amazingly complex and fun, but it also carries a deep message.

Don't get high and drive a car,
you will not get very far.

Word is born Patrick, Zip Zap Rap has changed my life; after not getting very far due to a state of drug narcosis I heeded the immortal words of Devastatin Dave and my life has taken a different path.

Dont be a fool: stay in school

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