Wooden Stakes and Felt-tipped Hearts


Two notable items from the entertainment world this morning. First off, the WB has canceled Angel, finally bringing an end to the evil that Kristy Swanson and Pee Wee Herman wrought upon the world years ago. Since a number of CH folks are into the Buffy scene I thought they'd be interested to know.

And, in a crushing blow to creative diversity, Disney is buying the Muppets. I was a little bummed about this, since I always thought of Henson as a constant underdog challenge to Diseny's domination of the children's entertainment market. Then I remembered Muppet Treasure Island and realized that both studios have pretty much been in the shitter since The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Eisner is hoping the Muppets will save his job. Maybe if he can get Mark Hammill to reprise his guest appearance on The Muppet Show.


this is nothing but sadness for me and my kind, this post.

the wb are dumb fucks. i read about that this weekend after watching 10 straight hours of angel season 3 because i was trying to find out some info and it made me so upset. not as upset as the confirmed rumors about what's going to happen in the rest of this season though. it almost makes me glad they're ending. this is the most depressing season i've ever seen.

And now Cingular is buying Disney. Pretty soon everything will be owned and run by just a few people. (Too 'conspiracy theory" do ya think?) Already something like half of all stocks are owned by the wealthiest 1% of us...them?

"Pretty soon everything will be owned and run by just a few people."

Pretty soon?

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