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I got tired of just playing through King's Quest II, so for some reason I wrote a King's Quest II Walk-Through for no discernible reason. I tried to make it independently entertaining but failed miserably when I realized how long it was taking. Have fun with either or both or (more likely) neither.

Also, I urge everyone to check out the new Homestar-They Might Be Giants collaboration over at Two things I love, coming together to create something that isn't too terrible.


do you find after playing too long that you get the KQ narration style stuck in your head while you're just walking around your own life? "Give CALA FOODS CARD to CLERK. You don't have a card. Tickle CLOWN. The clown drops his card on the ground. Look at CARD. It's a Cala Foods Card. Take CARD. Give CARD to CLERK. You get five cents off your cabbage. [10 points.]"

Matt was so cute this weekend- he kept apologizing for spending umpteen hours playing KQII. I was at the beach, he was hunched over the birth stones. Whatever. I figure he worked all week, he's entitled to whatever form of entertainment or recreation floats his boat.

I've always felt that the people who write good walkthroughs are rather special. They have an attention to detail, the willingness to experiemnt to gather enough info in the first place, they communicate (pretty) well, and they have an enormous amount of patience. It's no great lack to be unable to do what they do! I'll bet you appreciate this better than I right now.

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