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While watching game one of the NBA finals this evening I saw a preview for the new M. Night Shamalama movie, The Village. It looks like the bastard child of Signs and The Blair Witch Project. The thought of a new movie by the acclaimed director of The Sixth Sense (still the only movie ever to give me trouble sleeping) brought to mind several burning questions that won't be answered until July 30th.

Will the "surprise" ending/flashback montage be really cool, as in The Sixth Sense, completely lame, as in Unbreakable, or not a surprise ending at all but made to look like one, as in Signs?

Will the director be making his usual cameo appearance as The Indian Guy? And if so, how will he account for the presence of Indian man in a nineteenth century Pennsylvania village?

Will the use of color be overtly symbolic? (The previews seem to suggest yes on this one).

Will Joaquin Phoenix once again be playing a character ten to fifteen years younger than he is?

Time will tell. In the meantime, let the bad color not be seen.

1 Comment

i saw the preview yesterday for the first time too when i went to see saved!. i am so excited. i was terrified for 2 weeks after 6th sense. disgusted 10 minutes into unbreakable. and disappointed for a year after signs (then i saw it again and changed my mind).

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