Yo! Semite!


I just returned from a trip to Yosemite organized by the law firm I'm working for this summer. It was an opportunity to get drunk in front of partners, meet people from the firm's various offices and have the same conversation with all of them, and learn all about the sexual histories of fellow summer associates via ill-advised late-night beer-assisted conversations.

I'll have more to say about the trip in comic strip form shortly, but for now let me just relate the story of What I Did on Saturday. There were a number of hikes being offered, ranging from the ass-easy (Mirror Lake: 2-3 miles flat) to surely-you're-joking-Professor-Feinman (Half Dome). Being asthmatic, out of shape, and afraid of heights, I originally planned to do Mirror Lake, but ended up deciding on one of the moderate offerings: Vernal Falls via Mist Trail, described as a four-mile round-trip hike with a gentle 1,000-foot ascent. We got to the top of Vernal Falls, and it was pretty and everything, and then about two thirds of the group got ready to keep going up the mountain to Nevada Falls, adding another three miles of hiking and another 900 feet of highness. I had planned to head back down after Vernal Falls so I could go rafting in the afternoon, but the other Silicon Valley summer associates shamed me into sticking with the group and continuing on to Nevada Falls. The top of Nevada Falls was also very pretty (photos from the hike will also be available in the near future), but by the time I got back down to camp there was no rafting to be done, only a shower in a public shower stall that was exactly as disgusting as a public shower stall could possibly be.

AND, I didn't see any goddamn bears. Three other hikes saw bears, and a bear visited our campsite on the first night, and I didn't get to see any of them. Stupid bears.


My favorite phone call home was when Matt informed me he would be coming home stinky rather than face the showers again.

i know, i'm having the same experience with my fellow health-happy summers. they're all into stuff like hiking, biking, and pain-inducing activities in general. sedentary activities are so underrated. what ever happened to reclining in a lounge during happy hour and trying to hook-up with and/or backstab your colleagues? that's what i call good wholesome fun.

Cynthia can back me up on this one, but bears aren't stupid when they're Care Bears. And Boback can vouch for polar bears. And certainly, there's nothing stupid about panda bears. They're not even bears!

Panda bears exclusively eat bamboo, a food which they can barely digest. That's stupid. And by "stupid", I mean adorably cute. Why didn't you get any pictures of panda bears, Matt?

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