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As promised, here are some poorly drawn highlights from last weekend's Yosemite trip (I clearly don't know a goddamn thing about drawing landscapes). Many are inspired by actual events, though, as I said, I didn't get to see any bears. But I did see my fair share of satellites, mule turds, bloodied oars, and schoolmarmy forest rangers. Hopefully I'll get some photographs of the trip soon and post the sexier ones on Eloise. In the meantime, you'll have to make do with Ellen's hiking outfit.

In all the excitement last week I left out one new blog: bigstupidjerkface, home of the inscrutable Zack "Fornacalypse" Fornaca. Maybe he'll post an account of the time he crashed the whole Internet by telling knock-knock jokes to chatbot.


Now that you mention it, the landscapes are terrible. But don't worry. The colors really sell it.

Also, there's an extraneous "e" in your spelling of Zack's blog title.

Partying 'til Dawn with Ranger McSober is the best!

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