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There should be a new strip soon. I have it in my head, I just haven't converted it into a form perceptible by other humans. It tangentially involves pie, though it does not, unfortunatly, involve 14-year-old English brats posting cliche poems about how lame America is.

One of the reasons I haven't drawn it yet is because I've become consumed with submitting Photoshop Phriday / Comedy Goldmine entries over at Something Awful. A sampling follows, if you're interested. My skillz are still developing, as should be obvious.

My first serious attempt was the Bush-Kerry Dog Show, submitted in the "alternative presidential debates" thread. I'm pretty happy with the way the right (Rove/Bush) side came out but there are too many things wrong with the left side to get into right now.

One thread that's been going strong for a few days involves taking the hellish artwork of Zdzislaw Beksinski and making it "happy." And nothing spells joy like strippers.

A recent thread that didn't go anywhere involved taking movies starring former sitcom actors and replacing the sitcom actors with has-been actors from the same sitcom. In my estimation, Michael Fishman was the great underappreciated talent of Roseanne.

Finally, under the "science fiction in real life" category, I submitted two marginal entries. I show you Quintesson SCOTUS not as any testament to my Photoshop skills or creativity, but just to demonstrate the outer limits of my nerdery. If you don't know where the multi-faced image is from, Optimus Hummer may give you a clue right before he dies.

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I still love the one of death getting a lapdance!

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