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Only in Berkeley. Go Bears!

wait, Berkeley is claiming they have a copyright on everything that is blue and gold in the world. and then they say that USC has a copyright on every use of "trojan" in the world? because i think some condom peope, some warriors who make wooden horses, and the people who invented the less popular color of hannukah wrapping paper might disagree. and they've banned the "fuck stanfurd" shirts after years and years of having them? i'm confused. i've never said this before but maybe i need to read the daily cal more often. no, i've changed my mind. I'm just glad I'm out of berkeley.

Apparently, some people like to slam Berkeley while exposing their own ignorance. Tell me again, which warriors made wooden horses? The Trojans? That's news to me.

"Ignorance" is different than "honest mistake", jackass. Why not ask her what "condom peope" are? I bet that's news to you too.

My point was this, which you are free to accept or reject as you see fit. I thought the post I was responding to took a superior and condescending tone, while trying to demean Berkeley. I wasn't a big fan of that, but if someone wants to write that way its their choice. However, the superior tone seemed inconsistent with the factual error in the middle of the statement. Whether ignorance or an honest mistake, it still reduced much of the force of the initial posting, which is what I was trying to point out.

Since I went to Virginia, I'll feel free to criticize: LAME! But that's not to say that it would be different anywhere else. I think Matt should publish his FCC Indecency paper here when he finishes- it's a fascinating topic.

wow, cool. I've started flame from strangers? I haven't done that in years! It's totally fun, that must mean I'm stressed.

Just to clarify: not ignorance, not a mistake: trojans don't make condoms. this logic can also be carried over to wooden horse makers. and while they might not have named it themselves, we call it a trojan horse, and in my mind the makers get credit for the name.

seriously, it's a very bad idea to have men carrying pointy weapons working in the condom factory.

I would very much like to read an FCC indecency paper. especially if it involves internet filtering (in libraries). yes a references list would be great.

actually, i believe you two have met. but for SOME reason no one wants to use their real names on my blog.

i use MY real name.

The "Fuck Stanfurd." shirts have been around since fall '98, just to clarify, and remind everybody how damn brilliant (read stupidly obvious) it was to put what everyone was thinking on a t-shirt. I guess it has been years now. Damn I'm old. My buddy and I made 5k in about ten days that year. The Daily Cal has a shot of us in it, but anybody out there is welcome to say that it was them that made it up as long as there's a free beer in it or some attention from a member of the opposite sex. Oh and that whole ruckus about the copyright infringement is bullshit, they tried to pull that on us too. We sold shirts anyway.
I also made the trojan horse by the way, and you all should pay me a nickel every time you talk about it.

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