This is a Picture of a Stapler


The previously alluded to crappy comic strip is now posted online for all the world to see, along with a desparate cry for help and a picture of an elf-king. This is how I spent my Thursday morning.

Also, I know I've talked to a lot of people about T-Shirt Hell, but just in case I have not yet touched you in my crusade I suggest you pay a visit and prepare to be offended, especially now that Worse than Hell is back. I checked the story about the guy getting poisoned on Lexis, and it was covered on CNN so it seems legit. As far as I know none of the Squelchers have ever been subject to medieval assassination attempts, which simply means that we're not trying hard enough.

If anyone wants to buy me the "single moms" t-shirt, I wouldn't object at all.


What sort of fealty are we demanding here? If you're just looking for "me, too"s, I want to see the strip continued as well. If you're looking for marching and banners...well, I'd need a large roll of paper, some rope, cans of paint, a couple hundred legal interns, and some Hells Angels with maces and trebuchets.

shouldn't the elf king be saying "join me or die"?

Gareth's demand of fealty is independent of my demand for public outcry. Feel free to acquiesce to either, neither, or both.

I would like to participate in the public outcry, please. I also would like to demand fealty.

I wouldn't mind seeing the continued evolution of Matt's cartooning. Unless of course it creates an unreasonable imposition on your free time. In which case I demand to see the continued evolution of your cartooning.

I know, I'm writing this after you decided to continue. I didn't care enough to answer before, but now I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Maybe someday your strip will be so popular you can quit lawyering and draw a strip about lawyers, until you use up all your ideas and have to write jokes based on ideas your lawyer readers send you.

By the way, they have versions of that single moms shirt on Venice Beach. Probably ripoff versions, but the graphic and slogan are the same.

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