Cement Chorizo Birthday Party


This month marks the fifth birthday of Cementhorizon, the glorious website on which this here blog is hosted. A party is being held in celebration of this milestone, and you're invited. Yes, you. Not "You" in the Time Magazine Person of the Year sense, but you in the sense of the person reading this blog. Yes, friends, the Cementhorizon birthday party is open to everyyone who reads Cementhorizon. Even you. Especially you.

Sure, the majority of visitors get here by searching for "Reese Witherspoon," "Zip Zap Rap," "Hawaii spiders," or "I Fought the Law and the Law One[sic]," but I'm sure there are a handful a loyal readers that I either see very seldom or have never met. So come to the party and stick your fingers into the chocolate fountain.

Here's the lowdown (via Didofoot):

WHEN: Saturday, February 24, starting 8pm

WHERE: San Francisco. RSVP to rsvp-at-cementhorizon-dot-com for the exact address.

WHAT TO BRING: Drinks if you want to drink. We are providing NOTHING in the way of drinks, not even mixers. Food will be provided on an extremely limited basis, so bring your own damn chocolate chip cookies and wasabi peas.

- A CH birthday cake
- A Photo Booth of Unfettered Lust
- Possibly Very likely a chocolate fountain provided by me.
- Superstar bloggers wandering the party signing autographs
- A wicked party soundtrack provided by Gene
- CH-themed jello shots provided by Michele
- Rhyming toasts created on the spot by Sean

But most importantly, you'll get to meet me in person, and find out if I'm really as boring as I say I am.


Bring your own snacks! And beverages! Happy goddamn birthday, Cementhorizon!

However, leave your unlistenable IDM CDs at home, because we've got you covered.

and some of us will be engaging in flame wars with each other over the next couple of weeks, culminating in exciting mud wrestling matches at the party. stay tuned!

i only wrestle in creamed corn. woman, i told you, CREAMED CORN!

(don't worry, i'm bringing my own cans of creamed corn.)

It's been a while since we've had a good flame war. I'll start.

Only liars and thieves wrestle in creamed corn!

it's not a flame war if you're describing us accurately, matt. i mean, kristen is a self-proclaimed liar and i am a thief.

matt, you are a baby butt licker and caffeinated jelly bellys are better than caffeinated donuts.

Wait, am I a licker of baby butts or a baby who licks butts?

oooo, burn! this flame war is on!

u guys ned 2 stop eating PIE & strt gettin' a life, yo. U R STOOPID. reese is H-O-T & i wud totly DO her.

sorry, i got exciteable. you are a licker of baby butts.

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