Talking to Strangers


Every now and then I'll find myself on BART sitting next to someone who appears to be a law student, either because they're reading LEXIS printouts, carrying telltale red, blue or brown textbooks, or other books and documents indicative of law studenthood (the other day I sat next to someone flipping through Lexis' pocket-sized edition of the Federal Rules of Evidence -- quite a page turner, tell you what).

I'm usually tempted to strike up a conversation with these people, if only because in social situations like this it's relatively rare to identify a stranger with whom you definitely have something specific in common.* I also feel like striking up conversations with strangers is a good skill for a lawyer to have. When I went on a business trip with a senior partner at my old firm, every time we stood in line for something he became fast friends with the person behind him. It was amazing, really. I know I'll never get that good, but it would be helpful to shave off some of my latent awkwardness.

I don't know how many law students still read this blog, but I ask you -- How would you feel about an articulate, strikingly handsome, and pleasant-smelling gentleman leaning over to you during your commute and saying, "Personal jurisdiction, eh? Boy, is that a mess."?


The hope of that scenario occuring someday is the only real reason that I've applied to law school in the bay area, Matt. Or anywhere, for that matter! Although, for the fantasy to be complete you would have to say "Personal jurisdiction, eh? You'll breeze through that."

Wow. I know I had a footnote in mind when I stuck that asterisk in, but I now have no recollection of what it was. It's been a long week.

How about this:

* I'm an idiot!

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