Question that Occurred to Me Last Night While Wandering Through a Bookstore


Are there more movies called "American __________" or books called "The __________'s Daughter"?


You forgot "The ___________'s Wife."

As I told Captain Awesome last night, I find it profoundly sexist that all of these titles seem to find it lyrical and deeply significant to identify the women in their books by the professions of their fathers/husbands. As someone who has worked my ass off for the past 6 years so that CA can call himself "The Psychologist's Husband," I resent that.

I always think of it as a reaction to books about male characters where the daughters and wives are in the background. As if these new authors are saying: Hey, you think the time traveler is interesting? Wait until you meet his wife.

But it's true that these books often seem to be about how the women's lives are affected by these men. If you want a nice gender swap on that theme, you might try Son of a Witch (but you have to read Wicked first).

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