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I, more than most people I think, have a propensity for getting songs stuck in my head. I say "more than most people" because there's almost never a time when I don't have a song stuck in my head. This is very strange in light of the fact that I don't really listen to any radio stations other than NPR, and I never listen to features about musicians.

This paradox has produced a fairly eclectic list of regular songs that are on a steady rotation in my cavernous skull, including:

1. "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse
2. "Don't Ask My Why" by Billy Joel (dirty version that I made up)
3. "Sleigh Ride" (year-round for some demonic reason)
4. The Godfather Theme
5. "It's Good to Be in D.C." (Three years, people!)
6. "Lift Every Voice and Sing" (Shooby Taylor version)
7. The Muddy the Mudskipper Theme

I'll also often find myself humming a particularly infectious song that I hear on the radio in the gym in the morning, but I'm limited to humming because I can never make out the words over the sounds of Phil Hendrie or Alex Filippenko blaring through my headphones.

Annnnnnyway, I've recently encountered a song that appears to be overshadowing all others, a song of such fortitude that not only does it appear to be here to stay, but it also absolutely never lets up. I sing the full song in my head and then immediately start over again, like a CD player on repeat. The odd conflagration of the various elements of this song appear to have created some sort of synergistic mathematical anomaly that has indelibly grafted itself onto my neurons and synapses. Apparently the song has been out for a while but I only first heard it on Friday night.

The song is "LDN" by Lily Allen. I now share my curse with you:

I mean, what kind of a diabolical mastermind do you have to be to rhyme "Tesco" with "al fresco"? Honestly.

EDIT: I realize that I may anger people with this post, so here's a cat chasing a bear:

EDIT 2: Speling.


know or now? just wondering Mr. Smartypants.

Just wait till you have kids... then you will get really silly songs in your head.

I heard on the radio that a song stuck in your head is a mental hiccup. The cure is to go listen to the entire song. I think it probably works just as well as anyother hiccup "cure".


i first heard that song yesterday! and it made me think of this song kristen recently wrote about SF. so i feel if this lily allen chick can become famous on one about london, why not kristen? sorry i am directing my comment here to kristen. kristen, make that song a reality!

p.s. that cat is awesome. i wish i had a baby bear to play with my cats now.

There's also a song where Lily Allen sings:

"Oh my God you must be joking me
If you think that you'll be poking me"


What is the difference between Lily Whinehouse and Amy Allen??

One is cute in a not-necessarily-conventional way and the other has a face that could melt steel.

I'm going to register my guess that the infectious song you can only hum is in fact "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn and John. That's primarily because I want to believe that someone other than me is humming it and doesn't know the words.

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