Five Years of IFTL


Today marks the fifth anniversary of I Fought the Law's first post and first comic strip, neither of which, in retrospect, are particularly inspiring.

As I've often said, and as may be apparent from that first post, the original vision of this Internet adventure was a website devoted primarily to a weekly comic strip with occasional blog posts to supplement the strips. The blog soon began to overshadow the strip, and by now, when there hasn't been a new strip in several months, this is most definitely a blog first and anything else second. Which is a good thing, since my writing is generally better than my drawring.

Over the past five years I've redesigned the site a few times, provided a forum for people to share their encounters with Hawaii's scariest spiders, drawn the wrath of teenage girls by questioning the beauty of Reese Witherspoon, engaged in ham-fisted constitutional interpretation, offended people with my irreverence at least twice (in the course of offending surprisingly few people overall, given some of my questionable choices of subject matter), and had a lot of other memorable experiences that don't immediately spring to mind. I've made new friends on the Intertron, and reconnected with old friends through the magic of Google, notwithstanding recent efforts to wipe my real name from this site. All in all, it's been a good half-a-decade.

Here's to many more half-a-decades, which may or may not include a comic strip or two along the way.


Should I be jealous that you've been married to your blog longer than you have to me? Will the comic strip of our love fade away and be overshadowed by the blog of your... I don't know... fill in that blank yourself.

Yes to all of those things.

Happy bloggiversary! Five years...what is that? Metal? Candlesticks?

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