Halloween Physics Phun


Dr. M and I carved our jack-o-lanterns this evening, after the delightful experience of being the only childless adults at the San Carlos pumpkin patch on Sunday. I picked a pumpkin that was sort of lopsided, intending to carve the face on the side that was pointing somewhat upward to create the impression that the glowing demonic head was looking up at you.

I carved a classic triangle-eyes-and-large-mouth jack face, and then stood the pumpkin up to see how it would look. Unfortunately my zealous excisions from the upward-facing side shifted the pumpkin's center of gravity toward the opposite side, meaning that the pumpkin will no longer stand up of its own accord. Fortunately I can lean it against a wall or other pumpkins.

Depheated by physics yet again. Luchenko learn nothing.


I wish you would post more often. You are a very good and engaging writer all around, but phrases like "Unfortunately my zealous excisions..." are just... well, delectable really. Music to my inner ear.

Daw, thanks. I'll try to blog more. Perhaps I'll be inspired by the blogging panel, or my guilt at not participating in the novel-writing month.

argh. what episode is that from?!

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