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Happy Halloween, errbody. I like to think the fact that this is my favorite holiday has something to do with some hard-wired respect for my ancient Celtic roots, but it probably has more to do with the holiday's proximity to my birthday, and the result that as a child I always had a bunch of new toys at Halloween. In any case, I really like Halloween.

The Firm has a nice Halloween tradition where employees bring their kids to the office for trick-or-treating. Even the younger kids seem nervous about walking into lawyers' offices asking for candy, but after some prodding from their parents they generally play ball. There's also a big Halloween party, with a magic show for the kids, booze for the grown-ups, food for days, and a costume contest. My costume this year, "Lazy Person," didn't win any prizes but was met with reactions from my co-workers that were more or less polarized between "awesome" and "totally weak." I'll post a picture of it at some point and let you be the judge.

In the mean time, here's what I came home to this evening -- the lovely candlework of Dr. M:

And here are the pumpkins from the previous post, carved with a little help from a 5.2 earthquake. My structurally unsound creation is on the right, and Dr. M's fantastically creative cat-o-lantern is on the left.

I hope those of you braving the Castro make it out of there with all of your vital organs intact, and post pictures for us stay-at-home L7s to gawk at and be envious of.

1 Comment

Sadly, we had but one pair of trick-or-treaters. We knew numbers would be low, given that we are in an apartment complex and children range far and wide to nicer neighborhoods for richer pickings. Even so, one?

And btw, if anyone wants some "crazy bones" lollipops, you're in luck, 'cuz there are plenty at our house.

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